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Maya Fine Jewelry

Brand package design


The aim of the project was to create a branding kit for Maya Fine Jewelry; a company dedicated to creating gold plated and fine jewelry for women aged between 25-45. Impressing such a specific audience meant choosing the right logo, the right color palette and visually connecting with the audience instantly. While starting from scratch for such a project gives you a lot of room for creativity, it also adds the pressure of making choices that will resonate with the brand as well as the final consumer.


The design process involved studying the target audience and other products marketed in a similar category. I wanted to use pastel tones to keep the tone very subtle and elegant. I also chose fonts that felt luxurious but approachable so it was easier to connect with a wider set of people. I built the logotype around the alphabet ‘M’ and used it to create the silhouette of a woman wearing an earring. The other designs followed by keeping in tandem with this theme of subtle, elegant and minimal.


Photoshop | Illustrator