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Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations 


Indian weddings span over multiple events with a varying and unique guest list for each event. The design problem was to create customized wedding invitations for each event which were still consistent when put together but still unique by themselves. The vibe and theme needed to go with the energy of the couple and the events as well.


The hardest part of designing these invites was meeting the expectations of the couple and their parents as well. There was also a lot of information to be conveyed but in an elegant fashion. After much deliberation and consultation I chose to go for a deep Indigo palette and a very indian-bohemian vibe. I decided to make 1 card with a note from the couple inviting everyone to join them and then another card with the individual details of each event. This way the couple could choose and rearrange the permutations and combinations as per their guest lists and send out cards accordingly. 


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